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About Us

 Momo Evelyn's Cakes brand was created in October 2021.  The home of the "bare cakes".  Cakes without icing.  The icing will be included for those who desire to drizzle it on their cake. We first launched with a butter flavored Bundt pound cake, “Tre’Butter and will announce new additional flavors in the upcoming future.

Many individuals who have diet restrictions occasionally want desert.  Bare Cakes were created so that everyone can enjoy the cakes with or without icing.  Momo Evelyn's Cakes cake will always be the right choice. 

We ship anywhere in the United States and we do provide local deliveries within a 10 mile radius. Momo Evelyn Cake's will serve the most innovative, mouth-watering cakes to help make people lives, events and festivals increasingly unique.  We will deliver sweetness to everyone.  

We can be contacted at or via chat.